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Investing in the foundations of society.

Real estate shapes how people live, work, interact, and engage with their surroundings, contributing significantly to our lives. ICM invests in institutional-quality and boutique properties with the goals of generating strong risk-adjusted returns, managing downside risk and enhancing user experience. We own assets in high-growth markets diversified by sector and geography, and leverage our operating capabilities to drive value for our investors.

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Our real estate investment team draws on decades of success across all property types and numerous markets across North America.


We have a profound, intimate understanding of our markets because we don’t just invest in them—we live and work in them.


We focus on building long lasting relationships and seek to invest repeatedly in successful partnerships. You cannot continuously find great opportunities without them.

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Self Storage

We own and invest in distribution and logistics facilities in the markets that benefit most from nearshoring and the growth of e-commerce.

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Active Fund

ICM Property Partners Trust

An open-ended private real estate fund that seeks to preserve capital, provide monthly distributions, and generate long-term growth for investors, ICM Property Partners invests in some of today’s most compelling real estate trends and makes direct commercial and residential property investments in markets across North America.

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Active Fund

ICM Bluebird Canadian Self Storage Fund

Significantly underdeveloped compared to the U.S., Canada’s self-storage market provides excellent growth potential, and ICM Bluebird Canadian Self-Storage invests in Class A and best-in-market facilities in Canada’s large cities. We are early movers in an asset class that will see an increase in demand as the population grows and densifies.

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Active Fund

Private Investment

Through private funds and co-investment, ICM offers sophisticated real estate investors bespoke investment opportunities that meet their unique needs. These opportunities continuously evolve to reflect the high-conviction themes that we pursue across our platform.

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Portfolio Highlights

ICM Property Group

The ICM Property Group specializes in property development, real estate asset management, and property management. Through our deep experience and keen market insight, we devise real estate investment and management strategies that deliver. We turn vision into reality in our objective to create long-term value for our investors.

Property Group


From generating renewable energy to installing state-of-the-art air purification systems, we’ve made our properties greener, healthier and more sustainable. And we’re always on the lookout for new ways to go – and grow – even further.


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