Institutional Investors


ICM offers a rare combination of breadth and depth.

With integrated asset and investment management services, as well as unique fund offerings and co-investment opportunities, ICM offers institutional capital partners with a rare combination of breadth and depth.

We have multiple teams actively deployed across various North American markets, allowing us to contextualize and consider unique opportunities that others simply can’t see. And with a sophisticated analysis and reporting process, we support both partner investment decisions and internal reporting needs.

Our Platforms

Real Estate

We invest in institutional-quality and boutique properties with the goals of generating strong risk-adjusted returns, managing downside risk and enhancing user experience.

Music Royalties

We invest in music royalties as an alternative investment that can bring income, growth and diversification to a portfolio.

Venture Capital

We invest in a high-growth portfolio of early-stage venture companies with strong management teams, distinguishable competitive advantages, and meaningful return potential.

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