Mar 18, 2024


Jóvenes con Esperanza

Bridging the gap for Mexican girls.

ICM has partnered with Jóvenes con Esperanza, a charitable organization in Mexico that helps girls in need from disadvantaged villages get a high school education. With ICM’s help, Jóvenes con Esperanza is now helping kids take the next leap: to university and beyond.

The local program is invaluable—helping many girls get through high school—but it didn’t have the resources to continue to provide support for them once they graduated. As a result, many promising young women returned to their struggling villages, thus not breaking the cycle of poverty they were trying to overcome. Enter ICM. We helped develop a program that supports girls after they graduate high school. We help them get into university, stay in university, and then help them enter the labour force.

We hired a program coordinator and mentor who lives with the “young people with hope” in Mexico City. She mentors them and helps them apply for university. After they graduate, we also help them, should they wish, to emigrate to Canada on work visas. Once in Canada, we provide all the support and mentoring they need until they are on their feet.

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