Sep 22, 2020


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The Intelligent Investing Podcast: Alexander Gramatzki - Investing In Music Royalties


The music industry is growing for the fourth consecutive year, driven by the rise in online streaming. Platforms like Spotify, Youtube, Amazon Music, Pandora, and others are revitalized the industry which presents an opportunity to acquire intellectual property rights that pay royalties each time a song is streamed. Companies like Facebook, TikTok, and SnapChat have also recently announced that they will start paying royalties for music that is being used on their platforms which will only further increase the value of royalties are new users are starting to upload videos. The ICM Crescendo Music Royalty Fund (the “Fund”) is positioned to acquire songs in the $100,000 to $5 million range based on analyzing data such as historical royalty revenue and factors like artists tour schedule, number of playlists a song is on if the artists are releasing songs in the future, amongst other variables.

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