Oct 18, 2022


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ICM Crescendo Music Royalty Fund Acquires Writer and Co-Publishing Rights to Pop Hits

ICM Crescendo Music Royalty Fund Acquires Writer and Co-Publishing Rights to Pop Hits

(Calgary, Alberta) ICM Crescendo Music Royalty Fund acquired writer and co-publishing royalty rights to a collection of hit pop songs from a Grammy-nominated songwriter.

The acquisition includes hit songs “Adore You” (Miley Cyrus), “Victory Lap” (Nipsey Hussle), “Brown Skin Girl” (Beyonce), and “Cheers” (Rihanna). Luminate (formerly, Nielsen) data shows steady earnings growth driven by streaming for songs covered by the acquisition. Furthering optimism of the acquisition, Rihanna is confirmed to perform at the Super Bowl half time show. This coveted opportunity has historically done wonders for artists to revitalize old songs and gain new fans.

“This acquisition adds further diversification in our pop collection, with several compelling artists and songs to further diversify our portfolio and support our monthly distributions,” said David Vankka, lead Portfolio Manager of ICM Crescendo Music Royalty Fund.

Miley Cyrus’ “Adore You”, featured in this acquisition, continues to see increasing streaming numbers as Miley continues to capture fan’s attention. Miley currently has over 37 million monthly listeners on Spotify with a fan base of 316 million across all platforms. “Adore You” is currently on 21,000 Spotify playlists with a reach of 10 million.

Click here to listen to the entire ICM Crescendo playlist.

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