Jul 13, 2020


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Music Royalty Fund Partnership between ICM Asset Management and Crescendo Royalty Corporation

We are incredibly excited to be launching the ICM Crescendo Music Royalty Fund through a partnership between ICM Asset Management and Crescendo Royalty Corporation. Our goal is to provide our investors an opportunity to own music royalties and benefit from the rise in music and video streaming, generate incremental income, and have fun while doing it. The Fund will focus on acquiring music royalties from established songs that generate revenue from platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and many others. 

The Fund has already completed its first catalog acquisition which includes over 100 song titles with an average age of seven years.  We are focusing on opportunities with historic performance to improve forecasting reliability.

ICM Asset Management was founded in 2003 and currently has over $1 billion in assets under management in real estate and venture capital investments. Crescendo Royalty Corporation has been acquiring royalties since 2017 with interest in hits like LaLaLa by International pop star Shakira who performed at Super Bowl LIV and Blame it on the Alcohol by legend Jamie Foxx. 

David Vankka, Partner and Portfolio Manager of ICM Asset Management says, “We’ve been interested in the music business for a long time and are excited about the portfolio diversification benefits and high margin income that music royalties exhibit. We have over 6,000 individual investors and many of which are interest in generating diversified income in a very low-interest rate environment. Many artists and songwriters are seeking to monetize their royalties in this difficult environment for live entertainment. We can’t wait to be back at live events soon. ”

Crescendo Royalty Corporation was founded with a vision to provide investors with a reliable stream of cash flow by acquiring rights in revenue-generating music royalties. Reece Torode, Co-President of Crescendo says, “The long history of the music industry and the growth in streaming services brings a unique opportunity that ICM and Crescendo want to capture for investors. The partnership brings in all the expertise for the fund to deliver value to investors, songwriters, artists, labels, and production companies.”

Alex Gramatzki, Co-President of Crescendo says, “We initially had plans to start a Fund on our own but the experience and track record that ICM brings to the partnership was more than what we could have ever asked for. The Partnership with ICM allows us to focus on deal flow and analytics while working along with a reputable partner that comes with an incredible team. The Fund gives investors an ability to have an asset class in their portfolio that should generate long term revenue as rights are typically held for the seventy years after the life of the author.“

For questions about the Fund email info@musicroyaltyinvesting.com.

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