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Focused on preserving and growing wealth

March 13, 2019

John Courtliff of ICM Asset Management talks about giving investors stability and results

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Why liquid alts are 'more of the old same'

February 19, 2019

Liquid alts may be en vogue but they do not represent true alternative investments, which is where demand is greatest among clients, according to a portfolio manager.

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Why you should look to Mexico for diversification

February 14, 2019

Canadian investors are being given the chance to diversify their portfolio through rare exposure to the Mexico real estate market.

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ICM predicts Calgary rebound, invests in apartment build

May 8, 2018

ICM Group, an international asset management firm, has partnered with Alberta-based PK Developments and Providence Group to build a 135-unit apartment complex in Marda Loop, one of Calgary’s inner-city neighbourhoods.

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